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Senior Pastor

John Anosike


Ola Anosike

Our programs

Spirit Revelation Church Services

Join Us for Worship for an encounter with the Spirit of Revelation, come and receive a divine touch from God. Spirit Revelation Church fondly known as the dome of Truth is an arena of liberty and hope, a training ground for many that seek and desire to know more than meets the eye.

Every Sunday from 9AM to 12pm.

Monday Bible Study(School of Revelation) at 6PM.

Tuesdays Moment of the Supernatural(Miracle Academy) at 6PM.

Every 1st Friday of the month is our Prayer Vigil which starts at 9PM.....


1st Service 8am

2nd Service 10:30am


Death is not only an enemy but a choice too! Don’t let it kick you out of your legal house (your body) here on earth. As a son of God, you have the power to lay down your life and exit the earth at will just as our Lord Jesus showed us. Pastor John & Pastor Ola Anosike are poised to raise sons of God that will live and remain to usher in the appearance of our Lord Jesus Christ. That you don’t believe in immortality does not rule out its reality. You can lay hold of eternal life. Our God is uncontainable yet He resides within you. You can live supernaturally in this natural world. The God life has been given! Come and receive its fullness, be soaked in the beauty of His glory and encounter the supernatural. You can decide how much of God’s power and glory you want to contain and encounter this year! Every supernatural service will be a moment of transfiguration that shall transform your mortal body to experience Immortality. Don’t miss the 4 Sundays of the supernatural with Pastor John and Pastor Ola Anosike.

HOST: Pastor John and Pastor Ola Anosike - Senior Pastors of Spirit Revelation Church.

DATE:  Sunday 7th January 2018- 28th January 2018.


SERVICE TIME: 1st Service: 08:00am-10:15am| 2nd Service:10:30am-1pm Join us at 416 Voortrekker road, Close to KFC, Maitland, Cape Town, South Africa. For further details TEL: +27 21 510 4029, EMAIL: info@spiritrevelationchurch.org


This is our Bible Study where the man of God Pastor John Anosike takes time to not only teach the bible but also compare scriptures with scripture, precept upon precept, line upon line. God has commissioned Pastor John to raise a new generation of ministers on a global scale who will by revelation activate the realm of Sonship and the Supernatural, selflessly leading their flock and fold into 'Spiritual Independence' with the 'domino-effect' of corporately moving the Body of Christ into 'The Unity of The Faith', precipitating the final culmination of the ministry of the 'Five-fold'.

He is passionate about delivering the Gospel. He desires that all in Christ must be established in the Word and independently access the blessing. Pastor John believes that the hour has come for the body of Christ to leave the elementary doctrines of Christ unto spiritual maturity. Rooted and grounded in the word and not being tossed about by the destructive and distracting winds of doctrines. You can not sit under his teaching without being transformed


SERVICE TIME: 6pm | MONDAYS: Spirit Revelation Church

Join us at 416 Voortrekker Road, Close to KFC Maitland Cape Town South Africa.

For further details TEL: +27 21 510 4029, EMAIL: info@spiritrevelationchurch.org

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This is an atmosphere for the miraculous where things that are impossible with man become possible with God.

Have the Doctors given up on you? Come and receive from the throne of Grace.

Man alone as a creation is a miracle and can only be sustained by miracles. Here, Pastor John Anosike takes time to not only minister to the people and move in the miraculous but also teaches on how one can receive a miracle. You don't have to be sick or fall into temptation to be in need of a miracle. God, through the prophetic Ministry of Pastor John and Pastor Ola Anosike continues to unveil mysteries; seeing things before they happen and providing solution to every problem. The days of Miracles are not yet over! Come for an encounter with the supernatural power of God that can change the unchangeable and do the impossible.!

Date: 7th JAN 2018 | SERVICE TIME: 6pm

Join us at 416 Voortrekker road, Close to KFC Maitland Cape Town South Africa. For further details TEL: +27 21 510 4029, EMAIL: info@spiritrevelationchurch.org See you there

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