About Spirit Revelation Church (SRC).


Pastor John Anosike, Sent of God to Apostle the Gospel of Sonship and Life Eternal. The Pioneer of the Gospel of Sonship calling the saints to come up hither for the mountain top for an encounter with the Spirit of Revelation and Divine wisdom leaving behind the elementary doctrines of Christ. Giving the Sons of God a lift to Spiritual Growth and maturity. A man of the supernatural preparing the Sons of God for Manifestation. Empowered to empower the saints for the work of the ministry, Pastor John is indeed one of God's Generals of our time with an Apostolic Mandate to recreate the mindset with the Word; empowering the saints to rule, reign and subdue over creation. Many have been called but align yourself with those whom God has chosen.

By the grace of God, Pastor John Anosike is working hard to fulfill the his mandate and assignment in our generation and to the body of Christ. Pastor John is a catalyst for the latter rain move of the Spirit that will usher in the manifestation of the sons of God.

Everywhere the Lord sends us, we desire to take God’s precious people into the manifest presence of God, teaching them sound doctrine, and ministering individually to people through the gifts of the Spirit, training and equipping many for the work of the ministry to make disciples of the nations.

Although you may not preach like Pastor John, your finances can. Know that with every gift given, you will have a part in the reward. Scripturally speaking, those the remain by the stuff get the same reward as those that go and do the work. We thank you in advance for joining us financially. Know that you are sowing on good ground today, a ministry that is producing fruit for the Kingdom of God by the grace of God!

You can donate online below or by mailing us a check payable to “Spirit Revelation Church” to the address below.


Our Team

Pastor John Anosike

Founder - Senior Pastor