Sunday and Monday Services.

A recollection of testimonies by individuals on events that took place in thier lives and other relates and how pastor John transformed their lives....

Testimony of Pamela Budaza

 I greet you Papa/Mama in the wonderful name of Jesus Christ.  My name is Pamela Budaza. On the 12th July 2016 Tues service, moment of miracles, papa picked me up by the spirit. He said I see a spell on u, what do u want God to do for u? For a moment I kept quiet because of the load of things I carried. I said debt cancellation. Papa prayed for me and I fell under anointing. While I was under the anointing, I began to laugh uncontrollably. On the 2nd August a name list of the people who were promoted came out and my name was not on. Everybody including the management thought that was the end. The management were already conspiring against me to give me shifts which were going to affect my Services attendance and taking care of my baby. They wanted to put someone else in my position.  But they didn't know that I'm a son of Pastor John therefore no weapon formed against me shall prosper. People of God a second list came out on the 4th August on my birthday and my name was on the list. I'm the only person (a son of Pastor John) who got promoted out 10 people who also applied for promotion in the same level.

Testimony 2

2nd testimony on the 7th August, I received a call saying my brother was stabbed twice on the neck and shoulder and he was lying unconscious. I immediately took his ID photo, sprayed the oil of my mandate and prayed in the spirit declaring immortality. Just about 5 minutes after prayer, I received a call again telling me that my brother was awake. I remember papa's declaration when he said God will meet your needs at the appointed time. The declaration of papa and mama are prophetic and spiritual. I praise the almighty God for saving my brother's life and for increase in my finances. Thank u papa and mama for your prayers, teachings and the anointing of the house. Bye bye struggle! You will never see me again!

Testimony 1

Perfect evening sons, my name is Immortality.  I had a tumor under my arms for I applied oil of my mandate and it vanished. Then on the Vigil of Overflow, Papa said he would dismiss us 5:30am and at 5:40am, we were still in the Service and an emergency call came and so I could not answer it and got a bit depressed but kept on saying the declarations. Between 9am and 9:30am, I received 5 calls in a row for my services, This last Sunday,  I increased my tithe and this is the 3rd time it's happening. Whenever I thought I had given beyond, the following day, I would receive almost double my tithe, U can't out give God it's true. To Papa and mama am still thinking what I can do for them. They deserve the best.

Testimony of Belven Manjonjo

Perfect morning Sons! My name is Belven Manjonjo. I want to thank Papa and Mama for being in Cape town. I want to testify about the oil of my spirit. This month, I moved into a new place where I'm sharing house with someone whose sister was sick and had been in and out of hospital. The doctors couldn’t find what her problem was but kept giving her pills and nothing worked. She couldn’t walk as her legs were so big from swelling. Last weekend, I gave her the oil of my spirit. I was surprised tonight when she gave me the oil back she thanked me and she told she is healed and indeed I can see it because she is walking perfectly and her face looks so beautiful.  She came to Church on Tuesday, 9th August, women's day.  I want to thank God for using his servant, Bishop... Dr... Pastor John Anosike and thank you Papa for taking the assignment in Cape town. I promise I will support you with everything I have. Keep on helping the innocent souls. Thank you! There’s powerful anointing in this oil..

Testimony of Ashley Magwira

Perfect evening sons of God my name is Ashley Magwira I am 16 years old and I would just like to take this time to glorify and thank  the living God we serve. I have been suffering with chronic constipation and irritable bowel syndrome. This constipation resulted in me having internal piles. I went to 4 doctors and they all said is that I should change my diet which I did but nothing seemed to work. I have taken so much tablets and medicine that I thought the medicine would actually kill me. Whenever I wanted to have a bowel movement I would be in pain and feel uncomfortable. When I finally had a bowel movement I would be in so much pain that I wouldn't be able to do anything but spend the whole day in bed. This also affected my studies as due to the pain I wouldn’t be able to study. This really affected me in my life to a point that I was considering committing suicide becoz  thought God didn't love me and that He had forsaken me. Sons I am very happy today to be saying no matter what you go through God loves you. I came to Faith clinic and Papa prayed for me,he also told me that this was not a medical issue but a spiritual one. Right now I feel so relieved and I am free, I am no longer bloated or feel pain when I have a bowel movement. Papa I thank you. Father I thank you for bringing Pastor John Anosike to Cape Town. God is not sleeping people of God. The devil is a liar and he's the father of it.

Testimony of Alice Museenzi

Perfect morning my name is Alice Museenzi from Zimbabwe am so happy about what God did for me on the Sunday of Power after the deliverance and the declarations our Papa made. My sister fell down from the stairs and she was calling my name and screaming out loudly in so much pain! I removed the shoes she was wearing and started praying according to the declarations my Papa taught us on Sunday that God has already provided His healing power on the inside of our born again spirits and it’s up to us to release it. I declared power on my sister’s leg using my handkerchief and said you devil you are a liar! Her leg started shaking for about 5min. I kept on praying, “God of my Papa and declared her healed. As I tied her leg with my powerful handkerchief. I then ran upstairs to attend to a customer as I was at work. My boss and workmates were all there but couldn't understand what was happening. But with my faith I left her downstairs knowing she is ok. My sister is perfectly ok and walking normal. Praise God! Pics!!!

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